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About Us

   Established in 1995, the School of Extension Education conducted the recurrent education in compliance with the Ministry of Education’s policy to meet the need of the economic growth. The School of Extension Education is mainly to provide people who work in job with a channel to pursue continuing education.

   Nowadays, the on-the-job bachelor and master programs as well as EMBA are set up in the School of Extension Education. It runs currently 3 on-the-job bachelor’s programs in Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Information and Finance Management and 5 industry-academia cooperation of bachelor’s programs include Electronic Engineering, Energy and Retriggering Air-Condition Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering. As for master’s degrees, there are 20 in-service master programs in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, Automation Technology, Energy and Retriggering Air-Condition Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Molecular Science and Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Management, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Business Management, Architecture, Innovation and Design, Interaction Design, Vocational Education, English and Intellectual Property. Moreover, there are 4 EMBA programs in Industrial and Technology Management, Business Management and Information and Finance Management. 3 overseas EMBA programs are established in Shanghai, South China and Thailand. In cooperation with the University of Texas at Arlington, dual degree programs are included Business Administration in Executive MBA Program and AI & Big Data. Therefore, we provide various and professional programs to attract more and more people to apply for admission.

    In addition, the Extension Education Center is set up for people who need life-long learning and continuing education. The center provides credit and non-credit programs. Non-credit Programs include Finance Management, Teacher Training, Language Learning, Arts, Sports, Winter and Summer Camp and Vocational Training, etc. Credit Programs are divided into bachelor degree and master's degree. After completing the courses, they will get the credit certificate which can be applied for credits exemption. The extension center also offers the Professional Corporate Training, the Government Commissioned Training and Taiwan-China Academic Exchange Training Programs. It is expected to create a good quality learning environment for people to enhance their ability and skills.