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Extension education Two-year bachelor program courses :

Credits to be earned for passing the common required courses are 6. Each Department will determine the number of credits for required and elective courses. The minimum number of credits that must be earned is 72.

On-the-job extension education master program courses :

The number of credits to be earned for passing required and elective courses is 24 to 30, and the master’s thesis is worth 6 credits (or technical report, 3 credits).
The extension education school emphasizes theory as well as practice in research on special topics. It offers various kinds of general knowledge and physical education courses. It also provides different programs in educational professional training, automation, optoelectronics, semiconductor, and energy technology for sophomores, juniors, and seniors to develop their minors.

TAIPEI TECH Summer School program - ONPS

Based on American university high quality standards, ONPS Program’s courses strictly conform to American universities teaching demand and standards including teaching credit time, test model, marking criteria, teaching contents, professor's qualifications and other aspects. Each course is worth it’s credit hours approved by the instructor.
 The academic standard of each course is supervised by academic affairs division.